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All-State Auditions
Jazz Band Auditions
​All Students
  • Mist & Grits
  • Blues in F
    • Play the head
    • Improvise between 1 and 4 times
    • Play the head again
mp3 Tracks
Mist & Grits for Horns, Rhythm Only - Unknown Artist
Mist & Grits, No Piano - Unknown Artist
Jazz Bass MS PlayAlong - Unknown Artist
2021-2022 Percussion Results
Drum Major Auditions
​All interested candidates must submit an leadership application and attend drum major
The following criteria will be evaluated at the audition.
  • Box Drill to the left and right
  • Ability to teach commands
  • Conducting in 2/4, 3/4, and 4/4 at 140, 80, and 160 respectively. You will conduct with the metronome for eight measures and then continue conducting without the metronome for eight measures, stopping when complete.
  • Conducting the following pieces with appropriate cues, gestures, and facial expressions:
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