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District Solo & Ensemble: February 11-12, 2022

Solo and Ensemble Preparation


  1. Number all your measures.

  2. Make a practice copy of your music (for solo).

  3. For soloists and ensembles: number your measures.

  4. Play notes without rhythm.  (If it is a high set of notes practice down an octave then take it back up when you feel comfortable.)

  5. Play with correct notes/rhythms.

    • Small Chunks.

    • Very slowly.

    • Brass players buzz on your mouthpiece.

    • Use a metronome.

    • Use a tuner.

    • Record yourself.

    • Listen to recordings.

    • Add all your expressions, i.e. Dynamics, Articulation, Crescendos

  6. Reinforce to build tempo.

  7. Soloists.  Get with your accompanist.  Ensembles.  Get together.

  8. One person runs rehearsal and plays directly from the score.  Pick a new person each time you have rehearsal.

  9. One person plays their own part while everyone else in the ensemble count and claps their part.

  10. All members of the ensemble play together in small chunks

  11. Decide who has melody.

  12. Tune all chords

  13. Match your playing style

  14. Plan your next rehearsal.  So you can start a different section.  Do not do the same thing over and over again.

  15. Add length to chunks.  But also add speed.




Ms. Gina Crabbs
Mrs. Chris Givens
Mrs. Betty Jo Couch 

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